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Manny the tranny

Translator that is. Also, one of the players in this video has a ROY Award. I bet you can’t guess which one: Advertisements

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Dustin Pedroia doesn’t get gray hairs

In case you’re wondering, there’s a pretty lame feud going on about who has the rights to produce Laser Show t-shirts. Choose your side by purchasing from either here or here:

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The Toddfather ft. Dave Duncan

Baseball Hall of Fame voting is perhaps one of the most argued subjects in sports. First off, a players’ induction to the Hall depends on the wills of a closely knit group of sports writers; the kind of people who … Continue reading

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Take your wiffleballs outta yer purse

Here’s to the curve, the sinker, the knuckler and the screwball. And here’s to just lobbing it over if you can’t find the zone after 5 pitches. It’s Memorial Day weekend. A holiday to memorialize veterans, but especially veterans who … Continue reading

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Where were they then – Shingo Takatsu – 2004

Face it. Unless you had this guy on your team in 2004 there’s no way you remember him until you read this post. Mr. Zero and his sub-60mph “sinker” baffled hitters for exactly one season. Thankfully for me that season … Continue reading

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Jugador de la Semana – Lew Ford

Heroes are remembered but legends never die. And neither do marginally talented former MLB players who wish The Show offered free refills on their cups of coffee. In the Spanish version of “Player of the Week”, we’ll take a look … Continue reading

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Freddie Prinze Jr. wants YOU, Luke Gregerson

Heath Bell gets to date the starting quarterback, but what about that quiet guy in the back of the class with the dark rimmed glasses and the paint covered overalls? You don’t have to be Zach Siler to realize there’s … Continue reading

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