Jugador de la Semana – Lew Ford

Photo Credit: thebaseballcube.com

Heroes are remembered but legends never die. And neither do marginally talented former MLB players who wish The Show offered free refills on their cups of coffee. In the Spanish version of “Player of the Week”, we’ll take a look at those players still white-knuckle clutching to the dream in the Mexican Leagues all while spending their off days at la Gallera.

Our inaugural Jugador de la Semana is one of The Been’s boys (we’ll commonly refer to and poke fun at players which seem to have a strange hold on either my or Been’s heart). One such player who most in the frigid tundra of St. Paul will remember is lovable Lew Ford.

Lew Ford, originally drafted by the BoSox in the 12th round, compiled a .272 AVG in 1514 ABs during his 5 year cameo with the Minnesota Twins. The guy even finished 24th in the 2004 AL MVP voting. But alas, he hasn’t sniffed the Bigs since 2007 as Minnesota fans have replaced him with other pasty players such as Mauer and Morneau.

But at 33, Lightning Lew Ford is absolutely raking for the Guerreros de Oaxaca to the tune of a .314/.418/.543 line. That’s a .961 OPS folks. Translation services tell me that’s .023 higher than Albert Pujols right now. It appears that Lew’s bat is bilingual.

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One Response to Jugador de la Semana – Lew Ford

  1. beenstew says:

    I remember it like it was yesterday (or like I just looked it up today), but Lew Ford singlehandedly cost me the league in 2005. It was the 14th round and I had already penciled in a young up and coming lefty, Dontrelle Willis, as my pick. When much to my chagrin, he was taken one pick before me. Without having a back up plan, I scrambled through my notes until I found an outfielder who finished the previous year with 89 r, 15 hr, 72 rbi, 20 sb, while hitting .299 in his first full season. At the time I was disappointed not to get Willis, but thought I had found a steal in Lew Ford, who was poised for a 20/20 season. As it were, he hit .264 with 7 hr and was off my team by the All-Star break and Canseco’s Revenge ended up in 2nd place. The up and coming lefty, on the other hand, went on to win 22 games with a 2.63 era, 1.13 whip, 170 k while finishing 2nd in the Cy Young voting and leading The BIFF Hunter to the championship. Nonetheless, Lew Ford will forever be my boy.

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