An underrated Stew

Willingham, Cantu, Callaspo

New England Clam Chowder might get all the pub on a January, post driveway shovel lunch break but why not take a spin with the Broccoli and Cheddar? You’ll be glad you did.

Catcher: AJ Pierzynski – Granted, this guy is a Grade-A asshole. I mean, he’s the Kobe beef of dicks; perfect marbling throughout. But for a catcher you can almost always grab in the last round, the guy produces. Let’s face it, you don’t have to eat dinner with him in your parent’s household. All you have to do is pick him in the Mr. Irrelevant round and take his 60ish RBI/Runs and career .283 average. Unfortunately he’s starting to show his age for a backstop.

1B: Jorge Cantu – Remember this guy when he was hitting bombs with 2B eligibility? Well it appears he was a 171 hit wonder in 2005 as a second baseman. He’s since reinvented himself as an RBI semi-machine as a first baseman due to an ability to get hits with RISP. Basically, when someone says Jorge Cantu you reach into the recesses of your mind to faintly remember a guy on the then Devil Rays hitting 28 HRs as a middle infielder. Turns out that guy is still playing baseball.

2B: Alberto Callaspo – Hey, we have to get a Royal in here somewhere. This year is the first year that Alex Gordon hasn’t gotten in the way of the Kansas City offense. Callaspo, who can hit for average and stroke doubles with the best of them, is finally finding some people to knock him in and vise versa. He’s not a world beater but he’s a nice replacement for those who decided to take a chance on Brian Roberts.

3B: Michael Young – No, he’s not dead. He’s just not sexy anymore since he’s stuck at the hot corner. Like those that forget about Ben Folds when they leave college, Michael Young is still getting hits while no one notices. He’s currently the 8th ranked 3B in Yahoo! standard leagues. He’s not playing in the same infield as Texiera, Soriano and the good version of Hank Blalock anymore, but the guy can still hit.

SS: Juan Uribe – No, I don’t think Juan Uribe is good. I’m as surprised as you to find out he’s still on a major league team. But despite so much working against him (lack of skill, talent or weight coach), he’s actually pretty good this year. Really, really.

OF: Alex Rios – Maybe not that underrated but I think we can all agree that Zombie Alex Rios is pretty good now that he’s back from the dead.

OF: Josh Willingham – Overrated as a possible catcher in his early days, Christmas Willingham is about as steady as you can get. And you actually know what you’re going to get when you draft him. That’s a luxury you usually only find with Albert Pujols.

OF: Franklin Gutierrez – He plays in Seattle and isn’t Asian. That’s a formula that will always get you unnoticed. He’s not going to wow you with power or speed but he’s average or better in every Roto category.

SP: John Danks – Hey, he’s been on every team of mine for three years running so I’ve got to publicize the guy. I owe it to him. He’s not a K machine yet respectable enough in the category and he’s a competitor. A bulldog as the kids say. He’s the best pitcher on the White Sox and still gets passed over for Gavin Floyd. Honestly. For serious. Gavin Floyd.

RP: Shigetoshi Hasegawa – Alright, Shiggy doesn’t pitch anymore. But man, remember how serviceable he was before the rickshaw wheels fell off? Check out these career stats.

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