The Been’s Underrated All-Stars

Span, Dunn, Molina

Without further adieu:

C:  Yadier Molina – we know about the arm, but Yadi has been almost as efficient stealing bases as he has been throwing base stealers out.  Blessed with the speed of Lieutenant Dan (post war) the youngest Molina brother stole 9 bases last season and is on pace for double that this year.  Couple that with an average near .300 and knack for driving in runs, you have yourself a nice little catcher on your hands.

1b: Adam Dunn – often overlooked due to batting average issues, the Big Donkey is as close as you’ll get to a lock for 40 hr and 100 rbi.  Over the last 6 years he’s averaged 40 hr, 95 r, and 101 rbi, making the .250 career average a little easier to swallow. . . .or spit, depending on who you ask.

2b: Dan Uggla – in the mold of Adam Dunn, Uggla’s average ain’t pretta (.258 career).  But I dare you to find another 2nd baseman who has averaged 30 hr, 100 r, and 90 rbi over the past 4 years.  Can’t do it?  That’s probably because these are pretty specific numbers and the odds that another 2nd baseman has had the exact same numbers over the past four years aren’t very good and also, because the only other one better than that is consensus 1st round pick and dreamboat, Chase Utley.

3b:  Casey McGehee – since becoming a full time player last June, McGehee is hitting .306 with 77 r, 25 hr, and 104 rbi in 142 games.  Plus he’s currently leading the NL in RBI.  That’s borderline Kevin Youkilis territory, except McGehee didn’t cost you a 3rd round pick and you won’t have to root for the Red Sox.

SS:  Orlando Cabrera – his days (or one year) of collecting 96 rbi are long gone, but there’s still plenty to like about a shortstop who can easily produce a line of .280, 80 r, 10 hr, 70 rbi, 15 sb and won’t cost you big on draft day.

Of:  Shin-Soo Choo – it seems the only thing that could stop Choo from being a big star is the South Korean military, who he owes 2 years of service to before the age of 30.  That said, he’s coming off a 20/20 season and is on pace for more of the same this year.  The homers will probably stay in the low 20’s, but the potential for more steals is there, as he once swiped 40 bases in the minors.  Given that steady production, he will be easy to choo choo choose on draft day.

Of:  Bobby Abreu – he’s like Choo’s older Venezuelan brother (don’t ask how that works).  Ever since he sold his soul to win the home run derby, he no longer has the elite power numbers, but no one is complaining about a mid round draft pick who can net you an average near .300 with 100 r, 15 hr, 100 rbi, and 25 sb’s.

Of:  Denard Span – need steals, a .300 batting average, and runs galore, but aren’t looking for a big draft day investment?  Well you can save big money with Denard (pardon the Midwestern grocery store reference).  Only in his 3rd season,  Span’s 162 game average is .302, 114 r, 8 hr, 75 rbi, and 31 sb’s.

Sp: Ryan Dempster – Out of the Dumpster and into the Recycle Bin.   Since the end of his wildly unsuccessful stint as closer for the lovable losers, Dempster has started 74 games, winning 31 of those while compiling an ERA of 3.30, a 1.22 WHIP, and striking out 8 batters per 9 innings.

RP:  Matt Thornton – a much better pitcher than the incumbent White Sox closer, Thornton is a rotation stabilizer who has 13 wins and 7 saves over the past 3 years, to go with a 2.59 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, and a sparkling 11 k’s per 9.  All of this while trying to decipher what the hell Ozzie Guillen is talking about half the time.

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2 Responses to The Been’s Underrated All-Stars

  1. beenstew says:

    Grocery store? Menards is a hardware store you asshole. Best damn lumber yard this side of the Mississippi.

  2. beenstew says:

    Sounds like they need better advertising. I’ve only heard the jingle “Save big money at Menards” and always assumed it was a grocery store.

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