Galarraga Got Denkingered

Words probably can’t describe how Armando Galarraga is feeling right now. . . . so I made a picture to help:

Finish Him

After retiring 26 straight batters, Galarraga’s name was all but written in the record books until 23 year veteran umpire Jim Joyce managed to replace it with his own after one pretty bad. . . .  nay, one really bad call.  That’s all right Armando, I still think you’re perfect.

Interestingly enough, this play was eerily similar to Don Denkinger’s blown call in game 6 of the 1985 World Series (relax Royals fans, I’m not saying that was the only reason they won).  Apparently, umpires get confused when the 1st baseman fields a ground ball and the pitcher covers first.  Check it out:

So what should Major League Baseball do?  Here’s some suggestions:

  • Leave things the way they are, since apparently umpire screw ups have become part of the game’s “charm.”
  • Look into instant replay for out/safe calls.
  • Have the games umpired by robots.
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