Where were they then – Damian Moss – 2002

Control with a razor, but not with a baseball

The Darling of Darlinghurst they called him.

The biggest thing to come out of Australia since Silverchair just didn’t have the talent to sustain a career in the MLB. At least Daniel Johns had the ability to overcome an eating disorder (and was married Natalie f-ing Imbruglia). All Damian Moss had to do was overcome the strike zone. Tens of fans in Brisbane must be pondering what could have been concerning the career of the Kangaroo Kid. I’m assuming there were more crew strikes during the filming of Crocodile Dundee than there were during Moss’s outings after the 2002 season.

But for one year the crafty south paw from the Southern Hemisphere made us believe that the Braves had their next Tom Glavine (or at least the next Steve Avery). I guess we should have known better when looking at his 111/89 K/BB ratio. But he still managed at 12-6 record with an ERA of 3.42 and WHIP of 1.28.

He lasted only two more seasons in the Majors that were marred by lack of control, seeing his BB total surpass his K total. He will forever been known to me as a guy that flourishes in Franchise Mode for MVP Baseball 2003. But for now, Damian Moss can only hope that the WBC doesn’t get canceled.

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