You want to talk about Bobby Hill, huh?

The summer of 2002. The end of innocence. I was graduating from high school, spending my remaining hours before moving off to college to become a man. In such existentialistic times I found myself watching what I thought was the second coming of Ryne Sandberg; times two.

Yes, that’s right. Two Rynos on one team. This is actually what we thought was going to happen. Bobby to Bellhorn they’d say for years to come. Ah, the summer of 2002. My final summer of naivety until reality came crashing down upon me and fellow Cubs fanatics around the globe.

It turns out that Bobby Hill and Mark Bellhorn, both switch hitters, weren’t very good at all. Bellhorn actually had himself a pretty good year, belting 27 home runs as a second sacker. The real problem is that both Hill and Bellhorn played the same position and you couldn’t get them on the field at the same time. The other rub is that they weren’t very quality baseballers.

Although Bobby Hill never panned out, he was considered the “centerpiece” of the trade that brought Aramis Ramirez to the Cubs from the division rival Pirates. Early returns show that this trade has been slightly one sided.

I now expect an additional Mark Bellhorn post coming up soon.

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3 Responses to You want to talk about Bobby Hill, huh?

  1. beenstew says:

    You forgot to mention his 2000 season with the Newark Bears: .326, 109 r, 13 hr, 82 rbi, 81 sb and 101 bb in 132 games.

  2. biffer5133 says:

    sucks that cubs fans consider the Pirates a division rival.

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