Cubs Draft D-II Pitcher; Ruin His Draft Day Party

That's Hayden, with an 'e'.

Hayden Simpson is mad. Downright pissed. The guy had all the beer and food ordered for his draft party and the Cubs had to go and draft him two days, and four rounds, too early. Now all those little smokies will go to waste.

I was logged into the live chat on during the 1st round of the MLB Draft when the Cubs took Hayden Simpson 16th overall. They don’t catalog what is said during that chat, but I distinctly remember Keith Law typing “I’m getting a lot of texts saying ‘Are you kidding?’ @the Cubs”.

Not a good sign. Looking at various scouting reports and talent analysis on Simpson it appears that the Cubs just drafted another Randy Wells or, best case scenario, Steve Trachsel.

The story I read that really stood out to me though is this:

“The MLB Network was so surprised about the Cubs’ pick, that they scrambled to design a make-shift nameplate to be placed on the draft board. “

Pardon the pun, but that my friends is never a good sign.

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