Jeff Karstens Looks To Become Next Mike Bacsik

Strawsenberry? Who the hell is this kid?

Let’s face the facts here folks. The Washington Nationals aren’t sold out of standing room only tickets because the DC faithful want to get a look at Jeff Karstens’s cutter. But if he propels the Buccos to a victory today he could live in infamy throughout Pub Quizzes the country over. Any well respected bar trivia night could hardly get passed a Sports category without asking the question, “Which pitcher beat Stephen Strasburg in his much anticipated Major League debut?”

Now, Karstens is what most would classify as a below-average starting pitcher and that might be generous since he’s fighting to keep his spot in the rotation for the Pittsburgh Pirates. He’s only 27 on the day of his duel with Strasburg, but let’s sit down and really think about the magnitude of this start for a minute.

Jeff Karstens, already traded once in his career, is currently struggling for one of the worst franchises in the MLB. His career ratios are 5.05/1.46 and almost has as many BBs in his career as Ks. There’s no guarantee this guy’s going to around for much longer. So while you’re watching the birth of a star in Stephen Strasburg, realize that you are most likely watching the apex of Jeff Karstens career; his enshrinement into bar trivia HOF.

After today, Jeff Karstens will join the elite company of players such as Mike Bacsik, Mookie Wilson, Mark Bellhorn, Adam Greenberg, and for you Cardinals fans; Bud Smith, Jose Jimenez and Fernando Tatis.

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