Little Known Facts About Stephen Strasburg

The Strasburg Address

  1. George Bush’s Weather Control Device is actually Stephen Strasburg’s fastball.
  2. Bob Gibson wouldn’t throw high and tight to Stephen Strasburg.
  3. Eric Gagne purchased one of Stephen Strasburg’s left elbow ligaments before the 2002 season.
  4. When told his next start would be against the Pirates, Strasburg replied, “Wait, did I get demoted to AA?”
  5. Alex Rodriguez refuses to step on Stephen Strasburg’s mound.
  6. Stephen Strasburg is required to throw equal amounts of pitches in each direction as to not disturb the tilt of the Earth’s axis.
  7. Since Strasburg’s call up to majors, the nation’s unemployment has gone down 2% due to the additional people hired by the Nationals to carry his hype on road trips.
  8. Stephen Strasburg thinks “Rookie of the Year” is overrated.
  9. Strasburg’s change-up prefers the work of David Lynch.
  10. Strasburg has Andrew McCutchen on his fantasy team so he’s going to groove a couple for him.
  11. Stephen Strasburg is hoping for rain.
  12. They plugged up the oil spill with one of Strasburg’s fastballs.
  13. Ron Paul voted for Stephen Strasburg.
  14. Strasburg shot J.R.
  15. Inauguration day was moved from January 20th to June 6th to commemorate the day Washington DC got a professional baseball team.
  16. Strasburg thinks Armando Galarraga should have just struck the last guy out.
  17. Stephen Strasburg thinks Joran Van Der Sloot is trying to upstage him.
  18. Bryce Harper will catch Stephen Strasburg on December 21, 2012.
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  1. Chris Ross says:

    This article is great man! Check out mine, I really wanna hear what you think about my thoughts on Stephen Strasburg’s debut.

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