No One Is More Disappointed Than Your Father

Use the glove next time, sissy

Unfortunately doesn’t let you embed videos so you’ll have to follow the link.

But here’s a video of a kid crying after he got hit by an Albert Pujols home run. I don’t know how you could resist the temptation of that description.

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2 Responses to No One Is More Disappointed Than Your Father

  1. Tim says:

    I would have been without food for a week if I would have done the following while sitting next to my dad…1. not caught the ball 2. cried in public and 3. not caught the f’n ball when you brought a freakin glove.

    You see it way too often on the broadcasts. Some awesome 42 year old scores tickets 1st row on the third base line. He is so awesome that not only does he clip his cell phone on his belt, but he also brings his glove to the game (keep in mind he is 42). 3rd inning Alberts up and hits a hard grounder about 9 feet foul. Awesome dude’s golden opportunity, right at him…nothing. The ball damn near requested a personal meeting the glove, but nothing.

    Just needed to get that off my chest.

    • beenstew says:

      The guy who initially picked up the ball was my friend from high school. He gave it to the kid, so the kid went home with the ball and an autographed Pujols bat. My friend got nothing.

      Seems more and more these days that kids who have no talent and cry a lot always go home with a trophy.

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