NBA Gets an ‘A’ for Diversity

I bet you’re currently thinking, “Oh boy, another one of those reeeaaally funny articles with all the fake quotes and ironic twists.  Real original”

First of all, step off of your Jump to Conclusions Mat.  And second, we’re not clever enough to come up with something like this.  A little off the subject for a baseball blog, but we’re all sports fans here and this is a real article about the NBA being the most diverse of professional sports leagues (to be fair it’s talking about all employees, not just the players, but on the surface, this is hilarious):  “NBA Gets an ‘A’ for Diversity”

The 2007 NBA draft class. A model of diversity.

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2 Responses to NBA Gets an ‘A’ for Diversity

  1. Troy Miles says:

    On the other side of the curtain, all the team owners are clad in expensive suits. Oh…. look …. is that Michael Jordan? Hilarious diversity there too.

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