Pick up Carlos Santana, not Rob Thomas

Oye Como Va

The Indians’ top hitting prospect, Carlos Santana, made his much anticipated debut Friday night.  Well, it wasn’t Strasburg like anticipation, but I know for a fact Indians’ fans, fantasy owners, and Santana’s family were excited.

It didn’t go as smooth as Strasburg’s, as he went 0-3 with a walk and a run, but that shouldn’t stop you from picking up this 24 year old switch hitting catcher.  Arguably ready for the majors a long time ago, Santana was wearing out AAA pitching to the tune of .316, 39 r, 13 hr, 51 rbi, and even 6 sb before his call up.  However, management wasn’t sold on his defensive capabilities (apparently they didn’t know defense doesn’t count in fantasy).  Coincidentally, they deemed his defense MLB ready right after the passing of the Super Two deadline.  It was nice of Santana not to figure it out by then, saving the Indians’ a lot of money.

In deep and keeper leagues, Santana is probably already rostered, but if he’s still available in your league he’s definitely worth a pick up.  Especially if you’re currently stuck with someone like this guy donning the tools of ignorance for your team.  It wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect an average in the .280’s with 15 or so homers the rest of the way.

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