Where Were They Then – Esteban Loaiza – 2003

Need a cutter for your cigars? I've got just the guy.

There’s a lot of you out there that will probably remember the season that Esteban Loaiza learned how to throw a cutter. A new pitch can almost always help a pitcher out, but who saw this year coming. Fantasiers around the world were rightful to be skeptical of Loaiza; a pitcher with a career record of 69-73 coming into the 2003 season. But it appears that his new found cutter was the best thing ever smuggled into the USA from Loaiza’s hometown of Tijuana.

Loaiza sparkled throughout the entire 2003 season much to everyone’s (i.e. God) surprise. The last two months weren’t his sharpest but he still tallied quality starts in 8 of his 12 turns in August and September on his way to a finished line of:

21-9 / 226.1 IP / 2.90 ERA / 1.11 WHIP / 207 K

A year like that will find yourself winning the AL strikeout crown as well as finishing 2nd in the Cy Young voting.

I think the following stats are everything you’ll ever need to know about Esteban Loazia’s impact on the 2003 Fantasy landscape:

Career ERA/WHIP entering 2003:  4.88/1.46

ERA/WHIP in years after 2003: 4.81/1.42

Someone call 702 because 2003 was probably the best One-Hit-Wonders this world has ever experienced:

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