How Randy Booth Gets Increased Hits On His Blog

We're done filming? Let's get the hell outta this place!

We’re not the kind of people that are going to kick someone while they’re down. It’d be too easy to heap on anything about the Celtics’ loss to the Lakers. Plus, people might assume that we support the Lakers. I think Maynard James Keenan had it right when he wrote this song about California.

Rivaling the festering turd that is Los Angeles is this article:

Once the last word in this post was read, I was aghast to find out someone could write a literary piece so long whilst trying to give the personified city of Boston any type of fellatio that’s been invented.

When ESPN gave Boston and New York their own networks one had to ask, “Why?”. Why would something such as that ever be needed? ESPN has been ESPN New York/Boston for about 10 years now. I mean, who doesn’t love hearing a 15 minute segment each night about what Doug Mirabelli is doing these days? Who cares that Billy Butler is becoming only the 8th player in MLB history to hit 50+ doubles as a player 23 years or younger. ESPN can’t devote a segment to that because Trot Nixon is reportedly about to eat a grape.

To use a Dallas Braden phrase, Boston almost assuredly is tasting themselves a little too long.

Let’s take a look at a few key snippets from Mr. Booth’s extremely unbiased article:

I’m not saying the MLB made a mistake just because I’m a Red Sox fan and the 1999 All-Star game was one of my greatest recent baseball memories. I’m not saying it because Fenway Park is one of the greatest fields anyone can ever visit in the history of their life. Although these are all valid points.

These are no longer valid points once you lose your credibility as a completely biased writer with an agenda.

Most importantly, 2012 marks the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park. That’s 100 years of America’s favorite ballpark (I stick by that statement. I’m sure these folks would like to make an argument).

Thank you for speaking for the whole of America. All of us have nothing better to do than fawn over how amazing and tolerant Boston is. It is equally incredible that your East Coast bias allows you to completely bypass Wrigley Field for anything associated with the Yankees.

Before the 2012 season even starts, the fact that Fenway Park is 100 years old is going to get blasted into our faces like man just landed on the moon. We will hear about this every day from the first day of spring training until the last game at Fenway Park (preferably in November). We will see the “100th Anniversary” logo on every pre-game show, in-game advertisement and post-game recap. We will not be able to escape this piece of information.And if the MLB was hitched to it with the All-Star game, they wouldn’t be able too, either.

People find this enjoyable? It looks like the MLB is just as tired of Boston as the rest of the planet. Remember this during the 2006 postseason? This is you Boston. This is you.

Billy Butler is guaranteed to get the loudest ovation. There will only be one member of the Royals actually playing in the game (Butler, of course).

Unbeknown to most Boston residents, Josh Beckett surprising isn’t the reigning Cy Young winner.  I hear they have a relatively passable closer as well who abstains from doing poor renditions of Riverdance.

Yes, I can agree that recent seasons have favored the Red Sox in terms of success. But since the inception of the Royals in 1969, the Red Sox only have one more WS title than Kansas City; 2 to 1. Kauffman Stadium has been newly remodeled and looks amazing. The complex in which it is located provides ample space for all tailgaters that some baseball fans cannot enjoy at their home stadiums. And like Mr. Booth mentioned, Kansas City has some of the best BBQ the world can offer. Anthony Bourdain tends to agree.

And seriously Boston? You had the All-Star game in 1999. There are 29 other teams in the MLB. Get over yourselves.

Some might argue that the West Coast is, in fact, the best coast. Yeah, and Charlie’s Angels 2 was better than the Charlie’s Angels 1.

Here’s another reminder of what you are Boston:

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