Derrek Lee Is The New Michael Barrett

Talk about deja vu

This happened today:

It is speculated in the article that Zambrano was mad at Derrek Lee for not making a play on a Juan Pierre grounder. Take a look at Lee’s lips in the video. I think you’ll be able to figure out exactly what Derrek Lee says to Zambrano that may have incited a little anger. Still, I’m with D-Lee on this one.

Well, that just about does it right? We can officially say that Big Z is a little too insane to be around the general public. And frankly, as a Cubs fan, the act has gotten a little old. I like my players to be competitors but it appears to me that it’s more about Big Z than it is about the team. Say what you will about Alfonso Soriano and his exponentially aging body, but that guy is clubhouse penicillin when compared to Carlos Zambrano. Even when Soriano was raking at a .220 clip people still okay with the guy because he wasn’t fighting people in the dugout (literally).

God, one can only hope that the Cubs can salvage a sub-5.00 ERA out of Zambrano for the rest of the year. That is, once his suspension has been lifted.

Please do read the article. There are some very telling quotes from the main stage players in this play we call the MLB season. Always a fan of Jim Hendry, I enjoy his take on Zambrano’s maturity level and the way Hendry handled the situation. My personal favorites are the soundbites provided by former Cub Juan Pierre who basically said what everyone is thinking.

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