Joel Zumaya Goes Down Only 10 Innings Away From Fantasy Tenure

Fantasy draft day tenure is quite similar to that at any academic institution. Put in a few short years of good solid work to showcase your potential. Then, once you become tenured, coast along producing underwhelming results.

There are several current players riding out their tenures on draft days everywhere. These players will continue to get drafted no matter how disappointing or injury prone they are year-in, year-out. Fantasy managers just can’t pry themselves away from their initial hype entering the league or whatever reason there may be. These players are almost assuredly great hitters/pitchers during the month of September in order to land themselves on every winter “Sleeper” list.

After my own personal draft this year I specifically noted the Joel Zumaya wasn’t drafted for the first time in three springs.  I thought that maybe this was the year that Joel Zumaya would finally cease to be drafted based on saves speculation and the love affair we have anything that goes 100 MPH.

But sure enough, rising from the ashes of Adrian Beltre’s 2004 season like a Phoenix, Zumaya was determined to become relevant again in time for 2011 draft boards. But, in typical Zumaya fashion, he suffered a season ending/career threatening injury just in time to leave fantasiers wanting and wondering.

Was this half season enough to get Zumaya drafted in the late rounds by all those hopeful managers for the next 2-3 years? I tend to think so, even if Todd Jones isn’t blocking his path to the 9th anymore. If his recovery from a fractured elbow goes well I’d say we can keep expecting our 23rd rounds to continue having Zumaya, Jeremy Hermida, Milton Bradley, Chris Iannetta and Homer Bailey clogging up our roster arteries.

Here’s a video of the injury. Judging by the vernacular used by the first male anchor, I’d say he’s not much of a baseball fan:

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One Response to Joel Zumaya Goes Down Only 10 Innings Away From Fantasy Tenure

  1. Tim says:

    You know you are in a deep league when you read the headline “Zumaya out for season” and your reaction is “shit who I’m going to pick for holds.”

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