A Couple Of Things We Should Have Seen Coming

Entering this year there were two players changing scenery that caught my eye; John Lackey to Boston and Vladimir Guerrero to Texas

As a multiple year owner of John Lackey, I immediately placed him on my “Do Not Draft” list. That list unfortunately did not include the NYY version of Javier Vazquez, but that’s a totally different rant.

Knowing a bit of history concerning Lackey, I remembered that he consistently performs poorly at his new home field of Fenway Park. His career ERA/WHIP at Fenway now stands at 5.13/1.57.

Not too pretty but it used to be worse. He’s whittled those ratios down a bit with a 4.55/1.48 ERA/WHIP at home in his first year as a Red Sox. Lackey has actually been pretty rough this year when taking any mound, regardless of location, so I’d have to believe his contract with the Red Sox is only looking good for Lackey’s wife’s plastic surgeon.

Now on to Vlad. Unfortunately for my fantasy teams, I was as skeptical as the rest of the community when predicting The Impaler’s 2010 stats. I knew (as most baseball followers do) that Vlad absolutely crushes the ball when taking the field/DH in Arlington. I listened to my own advice concerning Lackey’s outlook but I foolishly talked myself out of having anything to do with Guerrero come draft day. But if Milton Bradley has shown us anything it’s that a Texas Rangers jersey is as good as a golden fleece.

As of this blog post Vlad is leading the AL with 70 RBIs and brandishing a .331/.376/.570 line. Sitting at 18 HRs before the break Vlad may end up having the best hitting year of his career.

That’s the last time I doubt a guy with a career .380 BA at his new home park.

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