Jugador de la Semana – Luis Matos

At least I don't pee on my hands

It wasn’t but six short years ago that The Stew’s boy, Luis Matos, was at the top pre-draft sleeper lists everywhere.  Coming off a 2003 season that saw him hit .303 with 70 r, 13 hr, 45 rbi, and 15 sb’s in only 109 games, expectations were high in 2004.  So high, in fact, that I recall The Stew offering a pre-season trade of Moises Alou for Matos straight up and being rejected by another believer in our league.

Turns out that’s the best trade he never made, as Alou ended up hitting .293 with 106 r, 39 hr, and 106 rbi, while the young stud Matos struggled to the tune of .224 with 36 r, 6 hr, 28 rbi, and 12 sb’s.

Matos, who hasn’t seen major league action since 2006, is now playing in the Mexican Leagues and his bat is hotter than barbecued iguana.  The 31 year old is currently hitting .350 with 68 r, 5 hr, 41 rbi, and 14 sb’s for Leones de Yucatan, much to the chagrin of your 2004 fantasy team.

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