The worst All-Star ever?

Win or lose, I'll close the game

Unless you live under a rock, or didn’t read the last post, you probably already know that Charlie Manuel and Joe Girardi are getting a lot of crap about their all star selections (and I thought the fans were bad at picking all stars).  And while they each made some curious decisions, at least neither of them made what could be the worst all star selection ever.

That dubious distinction belongs to the wristband wearing, toothpick chewing manager we all know and love, Dusty Baker, with his 2003 selection of Pittsburgh Pirates “closer” Mike Williams.  Check out his stat line at the break.  Looks like an all star to me:

  • 1-3, 25 saves (which is amazing), 6.44 era, 1.73 whip, and 19 k’s in 36.1 innings.

Granted, the Pirates were terrible in (insert any year after 1992) 2003 and Dusty was forced to take at least one player from their roster, but a reliever who almost gives up 1 run and 2 baserunners per inning?  C’mon.  Let’s take a look at the other potential candidates to be the Buccos’ representative, with their stats at the all star break:

Ok, so maybe there was no room in the NL’s outfield.  Well how about these other Pirates’ pitchers:

  • Kip Wells (not a typo):  3-4, 3.76 era, 1.28 whip, and 75 k’s in 105.1 innings
  • Jeff Suppan:  8-7, 3.73 era, 1.25 whip, and 67 k’s in 118.1 innings

Perhaps Dusty was too busy tallying up Kerry Wood and Mark Prior’s pitch counts to notice how bad Williams was, but the guy didn’t even have the numbers to be on the Pirates’ roster, let alone the NL all star roster.  Either way, I guess this just further proves that no one is good at picking all stars.

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