Where Were They Then – Aaron Rowand 2004

Umm, I did it washing Jeff Kent's motorcyle...

A Stew sentimental favorite, Aaron Rowand catapulted my frat-tastically named 2004 Kaptain Krunk squad to an improbable 2nd place finish. Joining him on that squad were roster stalwarts such as Jeremy Affeldt, Cesar Izturis and 73-year-old Ray Durham. And although Affeldt’s 1.61 WHIP contribution was a welcome non-surprise, Rowand provided my team a 5-Cat boost that sent me climbing up the standings. (Cat=Category in the biz)

Quick, try to remember the last time you heard Aaron Rowand mentioned in fantasy baseball. Or real baseball for that matter. In the forum of reality he’s probably considered an above average player.  Hits for a decent average, slugs at a good enough clip and plays gold glove defense in CF. He’s no world beater but he usually plays for winners and has been known as a good clubhouse guy. He was quite the fan favorite in Chicago and Philly as well.

Unfortunately for all of us playing the silly little game he’s, for the most part, useless. With the exception of two stat filled years (2007 wasn’t too shabby neither), Rowand has been the definition of a wallflower in the fantasy realm. But in 2004 he was the key to success for more than a few fantasy teams out there on the internets.

Rowand flashed a solid power/speed combo of 24 HR/17 SB while raking at a .310 clip. Add in 94 R and 69 RBI and you’ve got yourself a pleasant FA pool catch.

So where was Aaron Rowand in 2004? Winning me 50 bucks, that’s where. Big ups to you Aaron. Everyone will remember you for demolishing your face on this catch, but you’ll always be so much more to me.

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