The Funniest Thing You’ll Read Today

Trust me. You gotta low ball these guys then go from there.

The Pirates are in the midst of another losing season. Fortunately for Bucco’s fans it looks like Pittsburgh are building their house on the rocks this time instead of the sand. With youngsters Jose Tabata, Pedro Alvarez and soon-to-be star Andrew McCutchen the Pirates might actually end up with some positive results with this Rebuilding Effort Ver. 18.0.

But even with all that losing going around, it hasn’t seemed to affect GM Neal Huntington’s sense of humor. This gem courtesy of

  • New player notes Thu, Jul 22

    Multiple teams, including the Rangers, are inquiring as to Hanrahan’s availability, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

    Recommendation: Pirates GM Neal Huntington asked for Neftali Feliz in exchange for Hanrahan, nixing that possible deal. Hanrahan is one of several Pirates players that Huntington said “we’re really not motivated to move.” Hanrahan holds a 3.76 ERA, though that number drops to 2.53 if his six-run showing in an infamous 20-0 loss is subtracted. Hanrahan also features a 56:14 K:BB ratio in 40.2 innings. It would take an awful big haul for the Pirates to trade him.


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