Celebrating a monumental home run

Home runs: overrated, Mustaches: underrated

Despite what you may see on ESPN, Alex Rodriguez’s 600th home run was not the most impressive home run feat this week.

After waiting over a full season and 800 at bats since his last long ball, Juan Pierre (pronounced John Peter) ended suspicions that his 1 hr outburst in 2008 was PED aided by hitting his 14th career home run yesterday.  And while all the talking heads on TV will be tracking A-Rod’s chase for Ruth, Aaron, and Bonds, they will fail to mention the milestone that Pierre is on the verge of passing.  Because with that home run, he tied Babe Ruth for 20th on the all time home run list. . . . . among pitchers.

Having averaged a home run about every 420 at bats in his career (every 900 at bats the last four seasons), Pierre looks like a good bet to pass the Babe in the next couple, maybe three, seasons.  Which is ironically about the same amount of time it should take A-Rod to get from 600 to 715 and pass Ruth on the real home run list.

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