Mark Prior Is Tired Of Brett Favre Getting All The Attention

Comebacks from retirement are nothing new. They’ve happened throughout the years in all sports. But, until recently, the majority of retirees actually stayed that way. It’s gotten to the point that no fan can actually believe a player will stay away from the field until he’s ten feet under dirt. Brett Favre might be the biggest culprit at making a mockery of the retirement press conference although the incessant media coverage shares some of the blame (here’s looking at you ESPN).

Maybe if the media wouldn’t print every detail about Favre’s day it wouldn’t seem like he was changing his mind so much. I can’t be the only one who thinks Favre has retired/unretired 57 times by now. At least Favre has the talent and dossier to make all this jockeying “appear” newsworthy. But I’ll be god-damned if my Yahoo! Trending line hasn’t had liar Amanda Bynes on it for three days now. If people like that can make news for returning from retirement then I guess this guy is worthy of a blog writeup:

FULLERTON, Calif. (AP)—Former NL All-Star Mark Prior(notes) is trying to make another comeback.

Prior signed with the Orange County Flyers of the independent Golden Baseball League, then pitched a scoreless sixth inning of relief in his debut Tuesday, a 6-0 win over the Victoria Seals.

The 29-year-old Prior retired the top of the Seals’ order, striking out Tim Rodriguez to end the inning.

Prior’s new manager says that he’ll be used as the team’s setup man and will also be using his renowned calves to stretch out any socks that get a little tight after the wash.

Prior hasn’t pitched in the Majors since 2006 and spent 2007 pitching in the minors for the Padres. Here’s a closer look at the Big 3 that were going to win 17 WS championships for the Cubs:

Kerry Wood – Just activated from the DL, traded to NYY, wearer of 6.23 ERA

Carlos Zambrano – Removed from rotation, sent to anger management, insane

Mark Prior – Hanging onto the dream in Independent Ball, perfect mechanics

Honorable Mention: Angel Guzman – Imploded shoulder, career in jeopardy

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