Who Wins The NL Cy Young

A rockie 2nd half has Ubaldo's trophy case sweating

Walk through any National League stadium and ask this question. Considering a lot of the people attending games are only pedestrian baseball fans sipping $8 beers you’ll probably get a lot of “Oh, I dunno. Maybe that guy with all the wins and the no-hitter. Youbaldi or something.”

That was a pretty funny bit, eh? But in all seriousness I think most voters have had Ubaldo Jimenez penciled in since before the All-Star break. Unbeknownst to many voters though the games are still being played. And while Ubaldo’s season stat line looks good he hasn’t been putting up post All-Star break numbers that would make Cy blush (5.06 post AS game ERA)

So who wins the award? If we can successfully forget Jimenez’s sparkling first half and look at 2010 as a whole then the race gets a lot tighter. Let’s take a look at how these 10 hurlers match up with each other head to head.

Note – These pitchers were selected by myself and their ranks are based on the comparison between them, not the NL rank. However, I’d bet good money that the Cy Young winner comes from this group:

Based on this extremely infallible and scientific chart it looks like the NL Cy Young is going to come down to Roy Halladay or Adam Wainwright. That’s something that I can’t argue with. Lest we forget that Doc Halladay actually one-uped Jimenez and threw a perfect game to trump the Rockies ace’s no-hitter.

Now, there are a few stats that I have omitted such as HR allowed, Hits, Walks, etc. I figured WHIP took care of that and it should be noted that Mat Latos is the only pitcher on the list with a WHIP under 1.00. Impressive for a guy that’s missing a ‘t’ on his first name. It’s also interesting to note that Chris Carpenter is 2nd in IP but currently has no complete games in 2010. One can only infer that he is consistently going at least 7 innings in each start.

But let’s take one last look at how the NL Cy Young race shakes down. I’m not against the Wins stat. I think a pitcher that wins a lot is a pitcher that regularly goes deep into games in which he starts. And that is a mark of a good starting pitcher. My problem with wins is that for an individual award such as the Cy Young that is a lot of reliance on your team to score runs in order to rack up wins. High win totals are always eye catching but voters put too much stock on them when deciding who was actually the BEST pitcher throughout the year. So to summarize my beef with wins; keep them around for stats purposes but use them sparingly when deciding the Cy Young.

Let’s take a look at the rankings again with Wins omitted. Take it for what it’s worth and decide for yourself. The top half gets a little tighter and Ubaldo drops a spot. It should be a good race until October:

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