You know how I know you’re gay Cincinnati

You made your choice Cincinnati

In the middle of their first division race in years, against what has now become a bitter rival in the St. Louis Cardinals, you’d think the playoff starved Reds fans would be at standing room only in the Great American Ballpark on Tuesday night.  Well, you’d be wrong.  While there were almost 37,000 fans in attendance, much more than their 2010 average of about 25,000, that was still short of official capacity of 42,271 .  So what caused over 5,000 fans to miss arguably the most exciting game in Great American Ballpark’s history?

Many may point to the fact that it was a school night, to which I say, most schools haven’t started yet.  Others may contend that there is so much more to do in Cincinnati, like. . . uh. . . eating Skyline Chili?  But those aren’t good enough reasons to miss playoff caliber baseball.  Right?

Well it just so happens that the Cardinals weren’t the only traveling act in the Queen City on Tuesday night.  A little group called the Jonas Brothers was performing at Cincinnati’s Riverbend Music Center.  Am I suggesting that people in Cincinnati prefer the musical stylings of the Jonas Brothers to watching a 1st place baseball team?  I can’t say for sure.  But, I bet the three tweenie boppers didn’t have any trouble selling tickets.

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