Jugador de la Semana – Mac Suzuki

You boys ever been to Mac-sico?!?!

With a name made for Nintendo, Japanese native Mac Suzuki made his major league debut in 1996 for the (surprise, surprise) Seattle Mariners.  While Japanese players coming to the majors/Mariners is nothing new, the way Suzuki did it is.

After being expelled from high school and getting kicked out of his house at the age of 16, Suzuki came to California and worked as a bat boy for the Salinas Spurs, an independent baseball team.  On the last day of the season, the Spurs allowed Suzuki to pitch and he made enough of an impression to be a full time player the next season.

Fast forward a few years, and Suzuki was part of the Mariners organization and actually ranked as the 34th best prospect in the entire minors prior to the 1994 season.  But despite the  underdog story and prospect status, injuries and a lack of control prevented Suzuki from ever reaching his highest potential.  His best season came in 2000 when he had 8 wins with a 4.34 era with the Royals.  Two years later his major league career was over at the tender age of 27, after giving up 21 runs in 21 innings.

With his time in the majors complete, Suzuki spent a few unsuccessful seasons back in Japan, had a couple of spring training invites, and eventually ended up in the place where dreams are made, Mexico.  This year for Dorados de Chihuahua, the 35 year old Suzuki is 9-4 with a 2.89 era., which is quite impressive considering his 88-74 strikeout to walk ratio.   As it turns out, Mac and Me(xico) are a pretty good pair.

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