Is It Really THAT Bad, LA Dodgers?

Unfrozen Caveman Baseball Player

At the beginning of today the Dodgers will be 10.0 GB in the NL West. The Dodgers aren’t in good shape in regards to the Wild Card race either. They’re 6.5 GB from the WC leading San Francisco Giants. The division title is most likely out of reach so LA should probably focus on winning the Wild Card. Luckily for them the Dodgers still have 6 games left against the Giants (3 @ home, 3 @ SF).

The Dodgers have 46 games remaining on their schedule so 6.5 GB isn’t impossible by any means. Difficult, but doable…unless you ask the Los Angeles Dodgers. Anyone paying attention to their August box scores can easily tell that the Dodgers have already thrown in the towel. Allow me to explain. Here’s an excerpt from last night’s play-by-play:

Top 8th: LA Dodgers

M. Cabrera in left field
– M. Kemp grounded out to pitcher
– J. Carroll singled to center
J. Gibbons hit for B. Ausmus
– J. Gibbons grounded into fielder’s choice, J. Carroll out at second
R. Belliard hit for H. Kuroda
– R. Belliard struck out looking
0 runs, 1 hits, 0 errors
LA Dodgers 0, Atlanta 1

This was one half inning after Brooks Conrad gave Atlanta a one run lead on a solo home run. Here’s my interpretation of what was probably going through the heads of LA fans across the nation:

In a one-run game, during your half of the inning directly following an Atlanta score, while we’re 6.0 GB of the Wild Card with only a month and a half left in the season, you pinch hit with Jay Gibbons. He’s pinch hitting for Methuselah, but really? There’s NO ONE else on the roster?!?

Jay Gibbons, folks. And that, my LA friends, is the sound of the white flag waving in the dugout. With the addition of last night’s predictable groundout, Gibbons has now logged 11 AB for the 2010 Dodgers (although he is sporting a .455 avg. Bravo).

But, I mean, come on. Jay Gibbons. This Jay Gibbons:

Gibbons, one of several players implicated in the Mitchell Report on performance-enhancing drugs December 2007, received a 15-game suspension a week before the report was released and later granted amnesty as part of an agreement between the players’ union and the owners for more frequent testing and increased authority for the MLB drug program’s outside administrator.

This season isn’t in the books yet so maybe I’m wrong about the 33 year-old Gibbons. Perhaps he can put together a couple good months for the Dodgers and help them slide into the postseason. Something tells me he won’t have the same impact that Manny Ramirez had for the 2008 Dodgers.

That raises an interesting question; does any team giving up ABs to Jay Gibbons deserve to make the playoffs? You make the call.

Here’s rooting for Gibbons in his first run around the MLB since 2007. No matter what he does in 2010 and beyond he’ll forever live in my heart as 1/3 of the almost greatest but not really Baltimore outfield in franchise history: Larry Bigbie, Luis Matos and Jay Gibbons.

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