Pot, meet kettle

"Hey Zim, can you believe this Harper kid? Who does he think he is. . . me?

By now you’ve probably already heard that super prospect, Bryce Harper, has agreed to a deal with the Nationals worth almost $10 million.  But, it wasn’t before the Nationals’ last super prospect had some pretty pointed words for the 17 year old.

I guess Strasburg wasn’t too pleased with the way that Harper’s negotiations were dragging out and decided to question his will to play for the Nationals:

“If he doesn’t want to play here, then we don’t want him here.”

Speak for yourself says Nationals’ owner Ted Lerner.  Apparently Strasburg’s memory doesn’t go back a full year, as it was him in the exact situation Harper is in now.  Even with the same agent, Scott Boras, (or as angry internet message boarders like to call him: Scott Bor-a$$).  Real clever I know.  Anyway, not only did Strasburg take it to the limit, signing less than 2 minutes before the deadline, him and Boras were demanding a $50 million contract up until that point.  What do they think this is, the NFL?

So, just in case Strasburg has forgotten that he once annoyed a lot of Nationals veterans, here are some links to jog his memory:

Gee, I’m sure guys like Adam Dunn and Ryan Zimmerman were thrilled to read this stuff in the news everyday.  So kudos to you Stephen Strasburg for calling out someone who did exactly what you did just one year ago.

Now back to the Harper contract.  It’s definitely a big risk to hand over millions of dollars to a 17 year old without a high school diploma.  But judging by his Ultimate Warrior-esque face paint, I’d say he’s mature enough to handle it.  Come to think of it, I bet it doesn’t take long for him to wipe that off, once he’s in the show.

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