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NFL image (pictured above) to Rex Ryan: "Quit making us look bad."

Even if you don’t have HBO, you’ve probably already heard about Rex Ryan’s animated language on this season’s Hard Knocks.  For some reason, people don’t seem to think a few f-bombs can be tolerated on a network that has brought us such family friendly shows as the Sopranos, True Blood, East Bound and Down, and Entourage, among many others.

Tony Dungy, who has been most outspoken about Ryan’s language, apparently felt it was his place to let everyone know what he thinks, saying that he would never hire someone like Ryan and even suggested that NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, intervene.

Perhaps Dungy should have watched the 2nd episode of Hard Knocks to see that cursing is the least of the NFL’s “image” problem.  I wonder what kind of an example Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie projects to families nationwide, when he can barely name his own children.  To be fair, he has quite a few to remember, many of whom are three years old.  I guess 2007 was a good year for Cromartie.

Now I’m no ambassador of the NFL, but actions speak louder than words, so I think I’d rather have someone saying the f-word uncontrollably than acting on it.

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