James Loney Is The Next Adam Dunn

Ah damn it. I really am the black Mark Grace, aren't I?

No, Loney isn’t going to become a true 3-outcome player such as Dunn; BB,K or HR. But Loney is in danger of becoming boringly predictable just like Adam Dunn. Allow me to explain.

Adam Dunn, from 2005-08, hit exactly 40 HRs in each of those seasons. The years sandwiching those years were pretty close as well; 2004-46 HR, 2009-38 HR. But that’s besides the point. The point is that hitting exactly 40 HR four years in a row is pretty incredible.

Well, James Loney is far from doing something as incredible as that but he’s getting pretty close to becoming automatic. Loney has racked up exactly 90 RBI the last two seasons. For the sake of making this easier for me to calculate, let us assume that Loney has played 5 months of the season with 1 to go. Here are Loney’s monthly RBI totals thus far: 10,22,22,12,8.

That’s a monthly average of 15 RBI. So with James Loney sitting at 74 RBI thus far in 2010 and one month to play, I’d say there’s a pretty good chance he ends up close to his goal of 90.

Loney has actually hit exactly 13 HR the last two years as well but it would take a big September power surge for him to meet that total in 2010. But if he does land his ship on 90 RBI again at least you’ll know what you’re getting when drafting in 2011.

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