How Omar Infante Can Ruin 2010

"I'm the reason the triple crown is so difficult."

Anyone else watch ESPN Monday Night Baseball? During the Braves/Mets tilt the announcers were discussing the topic of the triple crown? Albert Pujols of the StL. Cardinals probably has the best shot at the award as he currently sits atop HRs, RBIs and is .006 behind the leader in AVG (not including today’s games). Joey Votto will have something to say about it as he is also in the top three in all triple crown categories.

The triple crown hasn’t happened since 1967 by Carl Yastrzemski. Not since 1937 if we’re just talking the NL. It’s a pretty elusive feat and I personally would love to see it happen while I’m alive. And that’s where Omar Infante comes in.

Omar Infante can ruin everything. He’s Maggie Gyllenhaal in the newest Batman movie. You see, Omar Infante was hitting .341 going into tonight’s game where he promptly went 2-4. He’s sitting at .343 which would put him in the lead for the batting title, and ruining any triple crown hopes, by .017.

But Infante hasn’t accrued the required 502 PA to be eligible for the batting title. He’s at 365 PA with a month to go. August is the only month this year where he’s surpassed 100 PA. Infante will have to put in some real work to get to 502 PA before the regular season starts. But if he gets hot during September he may not have to reach that number to still throw a monkey wrench into the mix.

Let’s say Infante gets to 482 PA by the end of 2010. If his average is high enough to claim the batting title while going 0-20 in his next 20 hypothetical PA then Omar still walks away with the batting average crown.

Now, I don’t know what would be a better trivia question 40 years from now:

  1. Who won the NL triple crown in 2010?
  2. Who won the batting title in 2010, preventing Albert Pujols/Joey Votto from claiming the first NL triple crown in 73 years?

If there were any doubt that 2010 was the year of Omar Infante, fouling up the triple crown would seal the deal.

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2 Responses to How Omar Infante Can Ruin 2010

  1. Dan Wolffe says:

    You wish you had Omar on your team. He wouldnt “ruin” anything. He would deserve the title and a fat new contract. The Braves will stomp your team if they make it to the playoffs and then you can say Omar ruined everything.

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