Where were they then – John Patterson – 2005

"At least my approval rating is still higher than Obama's"

Long before Stephen Strasburg and Barack Obama were around to spread false hope in our nation’s capital, the people of Washington DC had John Patterson to let them down.  After spending many years as a top prospect in the minors, Patterson could never quite put it together at the major league level, until the stars aligned in 2005.

In the Nationals’ inaugural season, John Patterson established himself as a staff ace, an up and coming star in the NL, and an underrated fantasy force.  By the end of his only full  season in the majors, Patterson rewarded his real and fantasy teams with 3.13 era, 1.20 whip, and a healthy 8.4 k/9 in 198.1 innings.

Despite the impressive campaign (see what I did there?), he ended up with only 9 wins, which was fine for those looking to grab a steal in the 2006 draft.  And a steal he was for the first month of the season, when he sported 3.86 era, 0.86 whip, and a mouthwatering 11.2 k/9.  Unfortunately, Patterson’s arm could not hold up as he only pitched in four more games the rest of the year and was out of baseball completely after the 2007 season at the age of 29.

However, before we throw the guy a pity party, please keep in mind that he made over $8 million in his career and wakes up to this every morning (not safe for work, unless you work at a place that encourages you to look at girls in bikinis).

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