Boone And PEDY Bear – 04/07/01

The 2001 season has just begun and Bret Boone has just returned home from the Mariners’ opening series in Oakland:

Heyyyy there, PEDY Bear. Wutz ^ with u? I’m just sitting here in the clubhouse after the game. Buhner said some of the guys are going to Sluggers tonight but I’d rather just be hanging out with u.  You know that. Olerud says that you get a brain tumor if you don’t go drinking after a game when you hit a home run. I think he’s lying but he DOES know a lot about tumors.

BTW, did you see my double tonight!! I mean, it’s not a home run but I’m getting sooooo close. Maybe…if we end up spending a little alone time tonight…I could turn some of those doubles into BOMBS! Now that we’re together I totally look awesome in my half-shirts that I got from Edmonds but I need to start dropping souvenirs into the stands. You know how all those Asians in Seattle love souvenirs.

Alright, Halama says it’s time to leave. Kaz says the first round of sakes are on him. Maybe we can meet up after the bars? Somewhere nice. You know, like a Red Roof Inn.

XOXO Bretty Bombs

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