Inaugural Curse Of The Been Stew – Mets GM Omar Minaya

I'm not any good at trivia anyways.

Mets GM Omar Minaya is trying to save his job. Things aren’t working out for the best when it comes to the 2010 Mets but what more can a GM do? He called up one of the most prolific power hitters in the history of baseball and still the Mets can’t seem to gain any ground in the playoff hunt.

But…perhaps that was Minaya’s misstep. I believe we have found our first instance of “The Been Stew Curse”.

The Madden Curse. The SI Cover Curse. Talking to a pitcher during a no-hit bid. Is the Curse of the Been Stew ready to take its rightful place among these superstitions?

Allow my elaborate.

As I mentioned above Minaya had called up the greatest power hitter in recent history. Yes, that’s right; Mike Hessman. But how could Omar be so ignorant of the fact that the Been Stew is diligently waiting for Hessman to break THE home run record. Well, the minor league home run record to be less misleading. Seriously, who cares how many home runs Hessman belts with the parent club?

Since the inception of the “Mike Hessman Home Run Counter” he’s been stalled at 329. While he’s languishing in the real major leagues, he’s missing valuable AAA playing time to become a great trivia question answer.

Omar Minaya has brought this upon himself. The day Mike Hessman started collecting MLB paychecks, the NY Mets’ 2010 destiny was sealed.

Predictably, Mike Hessman is presently hitting .146 with only 1 stupid, lame and completely historically worthless major league home run.

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