Allow Me To Blow Your Mind – Kansas City Royals Ed.

Yeah, I think it's funny too.

If Scott Bakula finally found his way back to our time, after years of quantum leaping, he at least wouldn’t have to accustom himself to a winning Royals team. The squad out of Kansas City are doing their part to alleviate some of the culture shock that comes with time travel.

It comes as no shock that the Royals are bad. Again. But a closer look at their ineptitude brings a smile to our faces. Specifically, their inability to hit anything over the fence.

Right now, as you read this, the Royals team leader in HRs is Jose Guillen. Jose Guillen, currently a member of the SF Giants, hasn’t played for the Royals since August 4th.  So during the course of the last month no Royal has taken upon themselves to surpass Guillen.

Now, that’s funny in its own right. But look closelier. The CURRENT Royal who is leading the team in HRs is none other than slugger Yuniesky Betancourt. Talk about a total burn on Kansas City fans. Betancourt, according to anyone who writes about the Royals, is one of the worst players in the MLB at this moment. Most of those shortcomings are fielding related but Yuni isn’t exactly Ernie Banks at the plate. For the Royals though, he must be.

Kansas City is having a 2010 season eerily similar to recent years; lots of losses, fired manager and mid-season fire sales. But you know what? At least when Mike Sweeney and Carlos Beltran were around, KC fans didn’t wake up in the morning and say, “Yuniesky Betancourt is leading our team in home runs.”

So when someone says it can’t get any worse just reply, “Yuniesky Betancourt.”

But hey, they still have this.

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