It’s settled, Tyler Colvin is not a vampire

Well, it might officially be time to start selling your stock in maple.  The danger of maple bats has long been a hot topic in Major League Baseball, and given the way they often break into sharp wooden weapons, one might wonder if Canada’s favorite tree will soon be relegated to just making syrup again.

Cubs’ rookie outfielder, Tyler Colvin, was the latest victim when his chest was punctured by a broken bat in the 2nd inning of the Cubs-Marlins game on Sunday.  Luckily he’s in stable condition, but things could have been a lot worse.  He’s just another name added to a list of players, coaches, and fans that have been injured by the flying maple daggers.  MLB has brought up banning maple bats in the past to no avail, but given the near severity of Colvin’s injury, you’d have to think a more serious discussion will ensue.

Here’s a video of the play, which if anything confirms that Tyler Colvin is on team Jacob (my wife works at an elementary school, so it’s ok that I know this. . . . right?):

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