Here’s The Problem With Boston Fans

"On my way to the Marlins-Braves game!"

Now, I know what you’re thinking; How can anyone assume that there is only ONE problem with Boston fans.

If I were to be more specific I guess I would re-title this post, The Main Problem With Boston Fans. But that doesn’t sound as standoffish and we’re really trying to piss off Red Sox supporters here.

Here’s how I came across this revelation. I was at last night’s Royals/Twins tilt. You know, the one that featured 2HR and a 3B by Kila Tequila. As we walked to our seats we stumbled upon a guy wearing a Mariners shirt. And THAT is the problem with Boston fans.

Obviously that guy in the Mariners shirt is an asshole. That really goes without saying (even though I just said it). But Mariners fans* aren’t known for that kind of stunt. Boston fans on the other hand…

I’ve noticed it before but apparently pushed it back into my subconscious. But after seeing that guy wearing a shirt for a team that has no relevance to the game being played, it finally hit me. That’s why Boston fans are so grotesquely frustrating. No matter what city you’re in or who the two teams involved are, you can almost guarantee there will be some guy who says, “F’ it. I’m wearing my pre-aged Sox hat.”

I’ve been to enough games at enough stadiums to say that it’s nationwide baseball epidemic. Boston fans do not adhere to the unspoken rule that is:

Section GG: Paragraph IV – If your team isn’t playing, just throw on a polo or something

Am I to understand that Boston Red Sox fans do not own polo shirts? Or at least a deep V-neck of neutral color? And I know they can go hat-less because they’re the type of people that still use LA Looks Hair Gel.

This might seem like simple ranting other than the fact that I am a supporter of the franchise whose fans are the next worst offenders; the Chicago Cubs. Every team has their fair share of annoying fans. Yet, I can assure you the next time you take in a Brewers/Indians game there will be a buttface in the row ahead of you in a Papelbon jersey talking about how Youk woulda made that play…

*I hesitate to call them fans since they’ll only cheer for two players; Ichiro Suzuki and Kenjiiiiii Joooohjima

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