The Best Possible Situation For The KC Royals

Not a whole lot went right for the Royals in 2010. Other understatements:

  • The internet is useful
  • The Bears are who we thought they were
  • You play to win the game
  • The Jurassic period is vastly overrated
  • Dotted lists are superior to numbered lists when statements are unordered

Alright, enough with the silliness. Down to the baseball!

As mentioned earlier on a previous episode of the gripping baseball drama, The Been Stew, not all hope is lost for the Kansas City Royals going forward. With a strong farm system and the 2012 All-Star game tabbed for Kauffman stadium, Royals fans have a little light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not 100,000 candle power, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Yet, all of those good tidings are for the future. What about the fans who care about the now? And for those impatient jokers I give you Kila Ka’aihue’s September.

Kila Tequila is sitting on a September slash line of .275/.366/.550. There’s plenty of teams out there looking for a left-handed hitting 1B (i.e. Cubs) who can post a +.900 OPS. And the Royals should start shopping him while the memory of his solid September is fresh in opposing GMs’ minds.

The Royals, for the last 5 years or so, have been in the business of drafting players that can only play two “positions”; 1B and DH. Sooner or later it was going to catch up with them when some of the prospects actually became good at baseball. But what does management do with a logjam of Billy Butler, Alex Gordon (can he stay in LF?), Mike Moustakas (jury still out whether he can stay at 3B), Kila Ka’aihue, Eric Hosmer and lest we forget the mercifully released Ryan Shealy.

As an organization that usually ends up on the wrong side of such deals (read: Shealy,Ryan), the Royals should be ecstatic that it’s possible they could be on the winning side of things during this off-season. Let’s use the Shealy deal as a barometer.

Ryan Shealy, once touted as the successor to Todd Helton, was dealt to the Royals for Jeremy Affeldt and Denny Bautista. Considering all three of these players never amounted to much makes the trade a moot point but the events leading up to the trade are eerily similar to a deal that could involve Kila Ka’aihue.

Ka’aihue and Shealy both put up big numbers in AAA as slightly overage prospects. Ask Mike Hessman how hard it is to hit for power against AAA pitching. The Rockies PR department did a good job of building Shealy up to be more than he was. Fortunately for them, the Royals bit the hook.

So Kila’s big September is the best thing that could happen to the Kansas City Royals right now. They finally have a product to sell and Kila, at 26, is hardly the prospect he once was. With his value at its highest ever the Royals can most likely find a suitor to tango. This will ensure they receive something in return for Kila while also alleviating the overabundance of 1B/3B/DH types they have in their system.

Let’s get out there and make a deal Dayton Moore!

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