The Been Stew Inches Towards All-Time Hits Record

Perhaps Pete Rose is too busy brushing up on his Korean to realize it but The Been Stew has launched an all-out assault on the Hit King’s record of 4,256.

After a big Tuesday we’re currently sitting a mere 12 hits away from sole possession of the record. With 6 hours left in the day it seems only a matter of when, not if. The Been Stew would like to thank all that have made this website such a marginal success. Acknowledgments go out to:

  •; for not removing the links we place in their comments sections
  •; ditto
  •; same as above and providing us with our most hostile commentators to date
  • Chips

Although we fully plan on taking the all-time hits record for ourselves, it would be rude not to tip our caps to the soon-to-be 2nd place holder. If we neglected to do as such we’d have about as much class as his future centerfold girlfriend.

“My girl’s a real educated girl. She graduated from Arizona State. She had a very prestigious job several years ago when she was a flight attendant for Korean Airlines, which is really a big deal in Korea, and she’s Korean. Let’s just hope that the Playboy people like her.”

That’s not a made up quote, by the way. I’m in no position to brag about my education or work history but come on. That resume isn’t going to blow ’em away at the Rhodes Scholarship review board.

So here’s to Charlie Hustle. You had a good run and I’m sure you’ll have plenty of Viagra sponsorship opportunities in the future. You put up a good fight and according to this quote, you’re not giving up that easily:

Some punks think they’re going to go out there an beat my all-time hits record? Don’t bet on it…..

That one wasn’t real.

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