Edit: Playoff Predictions

A concussed Justin Morneau didn’t cheer hard enough from the dugout and the Stew’s darkhorse pick for the Series was ousted from the playoffs. As is the custom of recent times, the Yankees were the team doing the ousting. Once the AL and NL division match-ups came out I didn’t really believe the Twins had enough to win, but I had to stick with my pick. Thanks for nothing, Brian Duensing.

The Been went a perfect 4-4 on his picks so I’ll be Ctrl+C, Ctrl+Ving his picks into the post. I’ll, unfortunately, have to actually spend some effort revising my predictions. Joke’s on you though; I’m unemployed! On to the picks:


The Been : Phillies vs. Giants – Not to beat a dead horse, but I still think the Phils have the best team in the playoffs. Even though I did just recently read that San Francisco was the only team this year to beat Halladay, Oswalt, and Hamels and I would prefer the Giants to win (honestly, does anyone want to see Philly fans get another chance to celebrate an NL pennant?), I think the Phillies offense will muster up just enough runs to be the difference in what should be a very entertaining series. Phillies 4-2

The Stew : Check it out. The Phillies are the one team I got right. Gotta stick with my boys, right? There aren’t many fans out there that are as insufferable as the Philly faithful, but I believe we’ll have to watch those idiots past the NLCS. Halladay is obviously the hottest pitcher in the playoffs right now (no-hitter anyone?), but Lincecum plays a decent second fiddle. Giants’ pitching matches up pretty well with the Phillies so don’t be surprised is the Giants sweep <–DON’T ACT LIKE YOU SAID IT FIRST, OLNEY! Still, I’ll play it safe. Phillies 4-2


The Been : Rangers vs. Yankees – Is it just me or do the Rangers feel like a team of destiny? Sort of like the 2008 version of the team they just beat in the ALDS. With a solid top three, led by playoff God Cliff Lee, an energetic offense, and a badass owner, they are primed to take down the defending world champs. Besides how can a team win a series when their game four starter is pelting his own players in practice? Although, rumor has it Jeter was awarded 1st base after falling to the ground in pain when Burnett hit Austin Kearns in the simulated game. Chalk another one up to Jetermetrics! Rangers 4-3

The Stew : The Yankees already beat the 2010 World Series champs; the Twins. How can the Rangers even compete with that? ESPN is already shoving the ARod/Texiera Texas Homecoming down our throats so get ready for that baseball fans. I’m not even going to talk about why either team will win. I just want to point out how much more enjoyable this ALCS would be if it were the Rangers vs Twins. Think about it. An ALCS sans Yankees? God, what could have been. Yankees 4-3…regrettably.

Individual Awards

The Been : MVP’s – Roy Halladay and Vladimir Guerrero

The Stew : MVP’s – Shane Victorino and Mark Teixiera

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