Yankees Have Moment Of Silence For Dude Who Caught That Foul Ball That One Time

Freddy Sez, "All good Yankees fans go to Ultra-Heaven."

In life there are three types of people; those going to hell and those going to heaven.

Then, there are those going to…ultra-heaven. Known simply to us underprivileged losers as “Yankees fans”, these faithful fanatics are obviously on a higher plane of existence. Why else would the completely unbiased and nonpartisan people at ESPN devote an entire article to an old man that wrote signs?

Yes, it’s sad that Fred Schuman died. But honestly, it seems like quite a stretch that a guy who brought signs to baseball games should command his own article (13 paragraphs strong) on a national news outlet. I brought a sign to WWF Raw once that said “Disco Stu”. Where’s my article?

However, there are some interesting points in the article. Fred Schuman was honored before the game with a moment of silence. Ahem:

Schuman was pictured on the giant video screen, and fans could be heard chanting “Freddy!” during the tribute.

Am I to understand that New Yorkers do not comprehend the meaning of a moment of silence? Or is it just another case of someone trying to steal the thunder of a “Yankee icon” by being the guy who cheered the loudest for someone they never knew (Bro, did you hear me? I was totally the loudest guy out there)? Either way, show a little respect for the dead.

Schuman often walked around the stadium during games with an inspirational message for the Yankees written on white posterboard. He also would bang a frying pan and a spoon together to encourage fans to make noise.

There’s a guy that brings signs to Cardinals games too. He’s called Sign Guy. There’s a guy who brings signs to Royals games as well. He’s called Sign Guy. You know who isn’t getting an article on ESPN.com when they die? Cardinals Sign Guy and Royals Sign Guy. And every other team not named the New York Yankees that has a sign guy.  And a frying pan? I’d love watching the payoff pitch in the bottom of the ninth with the tying run on third while someone obliterated a frying pan with a spoon next to my ear.

The Yankees have two more home games in the ALCS this year. Here is a tentative Moment of Silence Schedule for the games 4 and 5:

  • Game 4, Tuesday, October 19: Guy who caught that foul ball in Sect. 425, Seat 11J back in ’92 without dropping his hoagie.
  • Game 5, Wednesday, October 20: Saul Rosenbern AKA Jim Leyritz Jersey Guy from Sect. 143.
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