Shane Larkin: The Big Red Machine Spin-off

You don't know who I am.

He may be signing with Big East cellar-dweller DePaul, but I wager that Shane Larkin will enjoy more success than this spin-off.

College basketball season is right around the autumnal corner and I’ve been anxiously awaiting a reason to tie together the fabric of both baseball and basketball. As a person who routinely scours recruiting sites all day I was able to come across the semi under-the-radar commitment of Shane Larkin, the 5’11” son of former baseball star Barry Larkin.

Barry Larkin, also known as the former Cincinnati infielder we’d rather listen to than Joe Morgan, was quite the player for the Reds. He was a hometown hero, born and raised in Cincinnati, and selected 4th overall in the 1985 amateur draft. Shane Larkin is a solid prospect in his own right (ESPN top 100 recruit), but he’ll have his work cut out for him if he’s to achieve the same level of success as his father in his respective sport.

Though it wouldn’t be fair to write Shane off already, I think he might not have chosen wisely when selecting a sport in which to blaze his own trail. At only 5’11”, he’s actually an inch shorter than his father Barry and the NBA isn’t exactly a league of small fries. Maybe he’ll grow a few more inches and get closer to the prototypical PG height but the fact that he’s attending DePaul is already an indicator that Shane isn’t exactly a blue chip recruit.

My guess is that Shane Larkin will be a solid 4-year contributor for DePaul and help Oliver Purnell rebuild the Windy City program. Perhaps he’ll get into the NBA, perhaps he’ll make a nice living in Croatia. Either way, it’s probably a good idea that he decided to go a different route than baseball. Twelve All-Star selections and nine Silver Sluggers is a lot to live up to. If he makes First-Team All Big East he can totally rub that in Barry’s face.

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