Your “Least Deserving Potential World Series Ring Winners”

Barry Bonds never won a World Series. Karl Malone and John Stockton could never overtake Jordan’s Bulls. To Vince Lombardi, Dan Marino’s name never had a good…ring to it. See what I did there?

The point I’m trying to make is that there is a multitude of great players that were unable to win on the biggest stage. Only a small percentage of professional players win it all so it’s no shock that some of the greats are left with naked fingers.

On the other side of the coin, you have role players and cup-of-coffee flame out rookies with unevenly weighted arms.  America, you live in a world where Eric Hinske has two World Series rings and Ken Griffey Jr. didn’t play in even one fall classic.

So with that, on to your 2010 potential least deserving World Series ring winners:

Texas Rangers:

  • Andres Blanco – A guy that wasn’t good enough for the Royals or Cubs is now in line for a World Series ring. He could quite possibly be one of the least deserving winners of all time because Blanco hasn’t even stepped on the field yet. No pinch running, no pinch hitting, no defensive replacements, no nothing. Blanco can play anywhere in the infield so his presence on the roster appears to be only a security blanket against injury. However, Blanco isn’t particularly fast, has zero power and isn’t exactly regarded as having a slick glove. If Texas wins this series Blanco may walk away from the game on top because there’s no guarantee he’ll have a major league contract after this.
  • Jeff Francouer – Is there anything more beautiful than a dying star? Amateur astrologists like The Been will tell you that there is nothing more elegant and divine. I, on the other hand, have several things I’d love to watch than Francouer hacking at outside sliders. Frenchy, a player with a 1st round pedigree, looked the part of potential star after his first two seasons in the MLB. One could say that the book is out on Francouer and it’s about as long as a Great Illustrated Classic. “No fastballs. He’ll swing at anything.” Sabermetrics freaks love to point out Francouer’s incredible discrepancy between his WAR and actual playing time. Frenchy has been below average for a while now and I’m sure Mets fans are loving the fact that he could possibly walk away with a ring this year. But then again, Mets fans are probably more worried about their underachieving center fielder than their departed underachieving right fielder.

The Giants:

  • Mike Fontenot – Fontenot had a decent 2008 as a part-timer. He predictably had a poor 2009 as a full-timer. To Cubs fans like me who paid attention to 2008, the 2009 season was no surprise. Fontenot is the Webster’s definition of a role player. Play him against righties and where ever you want in the infield. That’s about it. He isn’t exactly lighting it up in the playoffs this year neither. Fontenot only logged 71 regular season at-bats for San Fran and has had no real impact on their success. But if the Giants win the World Series Fontenot walks away with a ring. Meanwhile, in Jeff Kent’s driveway…
  • Fox watchers, get ready to say hello to Travis Ishikawa, Eli Whiteside and Nate Schierholtz. That is if they see the field.

This post could possibly be renamed, “Players most likely to be found on this website.”

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