Yankees To Cliff Lee; “Who Needed You Anyways?”

Just when you thought the Yankees couldn’t get any better, this happens. Jilted by slightly above-average lefty Cliff Lee the New York Yankees went out and signed someone better. The Been Stew kept you all abreast of Mark Prior’s comeback efforts earlier in the year. It appears that his work in the minors were convincing enough to get signed for $750,000 (additional $750,000 possible w/ incentives). You might be surprised that Prior pitched all of 1.0 innings last year for the Texas Rangers’ AAA squad. I guess when you’re the Yankees $750,000 is kept in the petty cash drawer right next to the rubber bands and Ziggy cartoons.

Prior hasn’t pitched in the majors since 2006 when he was busy getting injured as a Cubs starter. That fact hasn’t been more relevant than now considering what the Phillies’ rotation stacks up to be with the addition of Cliff Lee. Some may remember how formidable the Cubs rotation was supposed to be with Prior, Wood and Zambrano.

Who knows what will become of Mark Prior the Yankee. He was originally drafted by the organization out of high school after-all but decided to attend USC instead. Maybe Prior is a science buff and is writing a thesis on the life cycle of the highly drafted bust. Hmmm…maybe he should have attended Cal:

Mark Prior signs deal with New York Yankees

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One Response to Yankees To Cliff Lee; “Who Needed You Anyways?”

  1. TimJL says:

    My favorite part of when Prior was drafted was how many “experts” spoke about how the draft was broken when the Twins took Mauer over Prior because he was a local kid.

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