Headlines/pictures no longer required to be relevant to the article

"You know, we had a lot of fun tonight. But, there's nothing funny about. . . vapor lock. It's the third most common cause of stalling. So please, take care of your car and get it checked. I'm Joe Namath. Good night."

As a Cardinal fan, when I’m perusing the nets for an interesting read and come across the headline: “Cubs Saving up for Pujols?”  I can’t help but be intrigued.  Upon clicking the link, I expected to read something about the obvious fact that most teams would be interested in Pujols, how it is interesting that the Cubs traded 1b mainstay Derrek Lee and replaced him with Carlos Pena on a 1 year deal, or even an article about how the heads of Cardinals fans would explode as soon as they saw Pujols walking out of the home dugout at Wrigley Field.

But none of those things were mentioned.  Turns out the article barely even mentioned Pujols.  It was actually about how the Yankees, after missing out on Cliff Lee, could be interested in trading for Carlos Zambrano, but Big Z doesn’t want to waive his no-trade clause.  I guess I can see the cause and effect there, but it seems like a pretty big stretch.  Then again, you gotta get clicks on your story, and a headline of “Yankees interested in overpaid veteran” or “Cubs already looking forward to next year” isn’t going to pique anyone’s interest.

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