Greinke To Milwaukee; Fox Scraps Plans For “The Scout 2”

Talk about fallout. Twenty First Century Fox, already in advanced pre-production, has been forced to scrap plans for potential blockbuster “The Scout 2”.

Fox Studios, like many in the baseball business, thought a Greinke-to-the-Yankees deal was all but inevitable. With Zack Greinke in pinstripes, producers figured they would have all the fodder necessary to craft a decent script. Brendan Fraser stole our hearts as the mercurial baseball natural Steve Nebraska. Battling through his personal demons, Nebraska donned his Yankee pinstripes and descended to the mound in a helicopter to pitch game one of the World Series. Anyone remember how that game went?

9.0 IP, 0 H, 0 BB, 27 Ks

Blammo. If Zack Greinke were to pitch half his games in big market New York, movie makers were sure he’d have the necessary freak outs to craft a solid docu-drama. Sprinkle in a Disney-style happy ending and you’ve got yourself a summer blockbuster.

Fox was finishing up their first round of casting calls as the winter meetings drew to a close, believing Greinke would be Big Apple bound in mere days. Only…he wasn’t. The Scout 2 will never become a reality and now Greinke’s story will most likely involve more Miller Lites and marginal looking mid-westerners than emotional breakdowns.

Perhaps Greinke will moonlight as a position player and retire with exactly 3,000 hits with the Brewers. However, it will be discovered that three of the hits didn’t count and Greinke will have to come out of retirement in order to reach 3,000. Sounds like a plausible plot to me.

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