The Recipe

The Been Stew was created out of a mutual respect for the real game of baseball as well as its fantasy counterpart. A love for punchlines, puns and pregame tailgates led The Been and The Stew to begin convening towards a common goal.

That goal you ask? Well, baseball (real or fantasy) isn’t held in the same regard as Baroque art or French cuisine. But who’s to say one is more important than the other? A person that spends their entire life memorizing Renaissance artists is just as important as a person remembering who had the lead off single in the bottom of the ninth in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series*, depending on who you ask.

We’re just saying that baseball is important to us. Important enough to create a blog to make fun of it.

*Mark Grace


1 Response to The Recipe

  1. Jason Thomas says:

    I think you both are just swell.

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