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Where were they then – Richie Sexson

If you were compiling a list of players better at fantasy baseball than real baseball, Richmond Lockwood Sexson (I feel like there should be a ‘III’ behind that) would probably be at or near the top of said list.  Despite … Continue reading

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Irrefutable Fantasy Rankings – Third Base

The hot corner isn’t exactly a hot position this year. Things get uncertain pretty quick once you get past the studs. When Alex Rodriguez is coming into the year with question marks you know that there aren’t many sure things … Continue reading

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Angels’ GM Forgets To Change Office Calendar For Four Years, Trades For Vernon Wells

The Been Stew has a way of getting to the bottom of things. The recent Vernon Wells-Mike Napoli/Juan Rivera trade is no different. Wells, who experienced a slight resurgence last season, is still owed $86 million over the next 4 … Continue reading

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Texas Rangers, Beltre Looking Forward To A Big 2016

Adrian Beltre turned his only year in Boston into a retirement plan rivaling even the best Roth IRA. Signing a deal worth $96 million over 6 years, Beltre seems to be set monetarily for the rest of his career. But … Continue reading

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Not so Golden Gloves

Major League Baseball’s Gold Glove awards were recently announced and once again voters confirmed that this is baseball’s equivalent to the Daytime Emmy. Now to prove my point, I could name a number of defensive metrics showing why Ryan Zimmerman, … Continue reading

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