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The Barry Zito Diaries

Barry Zito, the Giants’ $126 million man, was famously (not really) left off the 2010 playoff roster. The bay city rocker will still get a ring but doesn’t have too many World Series stories to tell the street urchins outside … Continue reading

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Your “Least Deserving Potential World Series Ring Winners”

Barry Bonds never won a World Series. Karl Malone and John Stockton could never overtake Jordan’s Bulls. To Vince Lombardi, Dan Marino’s name never had a good…ring to it. See what I did there? The point I’m trying to make … Continue reading

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If Brian Wilson Isn’t Your God, Get A New God

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The Series For The World

What’s not to like about this year’s World Series? Obviously if your team isn’t playing you’d prefer they were, but other than that fact this fall classic should lead to enjoyable viewing. The antlers/whatever business is the dumbest thing since … Continue reading

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Well, This Is Sort Of Funny

I won’t do too much analysis on the article because the good people at Yahoo! sports have done a solid job already. Bengie Molina is probably getting his ring fitted right now: Bengie Molina is getting a ring no matter … Continue reading

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Edit: Playoff Predictions

A concussed Justin Morneau didn’t cheer hard enough from the dugout and the Stew’s darkhorse pick for the Series was ousted from the playoffs. As is the custom of recent times, the Yankees were the team doing the ousting. Once … Continue reading

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Stirring The Pot – 2010 Playoff Predictions

What sort of baseball blog that no one reads would we be if there weren’t any playoff predictions? Neither the Cardinals or the Cubs are in the playoffs this year so these are about as unbiased as they can be. … Continue reading

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Allow Me To Blow Your Mind – Kansas City Royals Ed.

If Scott Bakula finally found his way back to our time, after years of quantum leaping, he at least wouldn’t have to accustom himself to a winning Royals team. The squad out of Kansas City are doing their part to … Continue reading

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Where Were They Then – Aaron Rowand 2004

A Stew sentimental favorite, Aaron Rowand catapulted my frat-tastically named 2004 Kaptain Krunk squad to an improbable 2nd place finish. Joining him on that squad were roster stalwarts such as Jeremy Affeldt, Cesar Izturis and 73-year-old Ray Durham. And although … Continue reading

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